Bolt Tightening


We provide on-site hydraulic bolt tightening services, from a simple bolt-up of a single flange connection or to maintenance and major-shutdown site services; we utilize only the best equipment and tools and employ only the most experienced engineers available in the industry. Our Torque Tools cover various ranges of sizes and various Torque capacities with manual and hydraulic equipment. We also offer a range of Low-height Ratchet Torque Tools that can be utilized in confined spaces or areas with restricted clearance where a socket and conventional square-drive tool would not fit. All our Torque Tools are tested and supplied with applicable test or calibration certificates. We provide Hydraulic Torque Tools with both air and electricity-driven power packs which can be used within hazardous environments
such as petrochemical plants, off-shore platforms etc.


Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning offers the quickest, safest, most accurate means of applying a specified residual load to stud bolts. It can be used to easily achieve an accurate and predetermined bolt loading in a single, simultaneous operation, providing the uniform gasket compression essential for the integrity of critically bolted connections in a wide variety of top-side applications such as:

MED Limited has substantial experience in providing precise calculations of the correct bolt load to be applied; ensuring and accurate residual load is imparted to bolts, no matter which simultaneous tensioning procedure is used.